Magda Torres Gurza is a hyperrealist painter. Her technique is based on the representation of the elements beyond realism. Her oil paintings stand out for containing details, hidden symbols and flashes of light that can only be found if each of her works is carefully observed.

She has received multiple awards from Fine Arts, the National Council for Culture and Arts and various museums in which she has exhibited, such as: David Alfaro Siqueiros Studio House, José Luis Cuevas Museum, Torres Bicentenario Museum, Memory and Tolerance Museum, Fundación Santiago Carbonell Museum, among others. She is also awarded as a Member of Honor by the International Council "The United Nations for the Arts and Sciences" (United Nations of the Arts and Sciences)

In 2021 she receives recognition from the International Institute of Cultural Law and Sustainable Development for her commitment to the protection, respect, development, safeguarding and guarantee of women's rights, as well as her outstanding human and artistic qualities.

Also in 2021 she is recognized as Ambassador of Art in Mexico by AMBASSADOR OF ART 2021 INTERNATIONAL, EFFETO ARTE AND ART NOW for the contribution of her work to the development of Art in the world.

In 2016, the Ministry of Tourism in Mexico recognized her as one of the 100 must-see experiences in the country through the contest "Los 100 Imperdibles", being the winner in the Art category.

In 2013 she received first place, internationally in the Sennelier Amérique Latin Art Competition in Paris, France.

Her altruistic work through art leaves her mark on children in poverty who are cared in "Ministries of Love", a civil association that helps street children. She has taught classes to Painters without Hands and is the creator of the projects "Artistas al Cubo" in Mexico, as well as "Arte al Rescate" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also highlights her participation in the "Encorazona2" project, in support of children with visual impairments.

Her work appears in books featuring works by the Great Masters of International Hyperrealism such as "Masters of Hyperrealism", "The best Modern and Contemporary Artists" and "Il Genio dil Arte", published in Milan, Italy. Each of these participations makes Magda worthy of the corresponding commemorative plaque for her high aesthetic value in Rome, Italy.

Magda was born on May 10 at 10:10 in Mexico City surrounded by brushes and art, since her mother was a painter and owner of the famous "Nuzcaya" gallery.

At 18 years old, she received a severe blow to the right eye during a squash match that threatened the loss of her eyeball and, with it, her vision. Miraculously, her eye heals completely before the astonished gaze of the doctors and it is then that she decides to give herself fully to painting.

Derived from the accident, and for some time, Magda perceives flashes of light that she decides to incorporate into her work, without knowing that these would become her visual signature, being now present in each of her works.

She studies a degree in Plastic Arts in Fine Arts and in La Salle, CUAM, Active School of Photography, among other institutions, graduated in:

  • Painting

  • Techniques and materials for the visual arts

  • History of universal art

  • Muralism

  • Optics

  • Photography

Since the beginning she exhibits, in addition to the museums mentioned above: in the European Museum of Modern Art; in the Barcelona Art Biennial, Spain; in Boston, Massachusetts, for the exhibition "Hyperrealism of the Caribean"; in the Dominican Republic, "8 in Art", at the Centro de Cultura de Santiago; in Amsterdam International Art Fair, Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Her work, together with that of other artists, is a reference of hyperrealism in the Free Wikipedia International Encyclopedia: