Magda Torres Gurza is an hyperrealist painter. Her technique is based on the representation of elements beyond realism. Her oil paintings also stand out for containing details, hidden symbols and flashes of light that can be found only if you look carefully at each of her works.
She was born on May 10 at 10:10 in Mexico City. Grows between brushes and art, being her mother a painter.

Because of a strong accident at age 18, which threatened the loss of vision, she decided to give herself full-time to the task of painting.
She began her studies at the Regional Institute of Fine Arts, graduating with honors due to her outstanding talent.
The search for perfectioning its works, impels her to also study History of Art, Techniques and Materials for Visual Arts, Optics, as well as the Photography career. 
She has received multiple recognitions from the Fine Arts, the National Council for Culture and the Arts and various Museums such as the David Alfaro Siqueiros Studio House Museum, the José Luis Cuevas Museum, the Bicentennial Towers Museum. Her work has been selected as a piece of the month in the latter and also in the Santiago Carbonell Foundation Museum.

Main activity (from 2013 to 2021):

She is named a Member of Honor by the International Council "The United Nations for the Arts and Sciences".

She receives recognition from the International Institute of Cultural Law and Sustainable Development for her commitment to the protection, respect, development, safeguarding and guarantee of women's rights, as well as her outstanding human and artistic qualities.

Exhibition at the Museu Europeu d'Art Modern (European Museum of Modern Art MEAM), within the framework of the Art Biennial of Barcelona. Barcelona, ​​Spain.

She is the winner of the First Place internationally in the Sennelier Amérique Latin Art Competition, Paris, France.  

Her work appears in the publication "il Genio dil Arte", and receives the commemorative plaque for its high aesthetic value.
Rome Italy. 

The Ministry of Tourism of Mexico grants the honor of being considered as one of the 100 must-see experiences of the country. Through the contest "Los 100 Imperdibles" since she a winner in the category of Art.

Her altruistic work through Art leaves its mark on street children assisted in "Ministries of Love". She has also taught classes to Painters without Hands and participated in projects such as "Encorazona2", in support of children with visual deficiencies. As well as she stands out for supporting projects in favor of the environment and the care of ecosystems and species in danger of extinction through the Animal Karma Foundation.

Because of her altruism, in 2013 she conceived and instituted the "Artistas al Cubo" project, seeking funds to solve the treatment of thousands of Mexican children with terminal illnesses, such as Cancer and AIDS.   

Similarly in Buenos Aires, Argentina, creates the project "Art to the rescue" where the funds manage to solve many food rescues for the social assistance project "Plato lleno"

Since 2015, she has participated annually in the "Arte a Tiempo" Auction, donating her work to the benefit of the Boys and Girls Club of Nuevo León. 

Exhibits in: "Realism and its consequences" Great Mexican hyper-realists, with her friends Omar Ortíz, Juan Carlos Manjarrez, Sergio Garval and Fernando Motilla. Torres Bicentenario Museum, Toluca, State of Mexico.
Exhibits on three occasions at the José Luis Cuevas Museum in the framework of the annual tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci, "World Art Day", Mexico City.
Exhibits at the Museum of Memory and Tolerance as well at Paseo de la Reforma Avenue her intervention of a monumental soccer ball in support of the FIFA soccer project in Mexico "Crazy for Art".

Exhibits at the Amsterdam International Art Fair. Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, Holland. 

Publication of her work and career in the book: "The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists" same that makes her worthy of the commemorative plaque granted by book editors and curators for its high aesthetic quality, Palermo, Italy.

Exhibits at the Culture Center of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Representing Mexico. In "8 in art" Great exponents of International Hyperrealism.

Exhibits in Galicia, Spain in support of the Cultural Movement ESPERTO. In the international exhibition "The world is my canvas".

It appears in the book "Masters of Hyperrealism" Catalog of Works of Great Masters of International Hyperrealism, published in Milan, Italy.

Exhibits at the International Art Congress "Spain Art Open House". Salamanca, Spain.

Her works appears in 5 occasions in the book "Yearbook Art and Freedom", edited by the Free Art Gallery, in co-edition with the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Zaragoza, Spain.

Exhibits with the master rupturist Gustavo Arias Murueta; "Para Dos", Torres Bicentenario Museum, Toluca, Mexico.

Her work "The Spiral of Time" is selected as "Piece of the Month". Torres Bicentenario Museum, Toluca, Mexico.

Special invitation from maestro Santiago Carbonell as the first "Piece of the Month" at the Santiago Carbonell Foundation Museum. Querétaro, Mexico.

Exhibits at the Torre del Reloj Gallery, Polanco, Mexico City.
Exhibits at the David Alfaro Siqueiros Studio House Museum, "La Tallera", Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
Participates in various auctions and international exhibitions with "Latin American Art".

Exhibition "Women in Art"; Institute of Culture of Morelos, Mexico.

Presence at gallery level:


Bernardini Gallery, Mexico
Artheereveenart Gallery, Holland
Galería del Sol, Miami, Florida, United States.

Her work, together with that of other artists, is a reference of hyperrealism in the Free Wikipedia International Encyclopedia: